Top Bulgaria Attractions for Tourists

Situated during a centre of Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is recently being renouned among tourists for a superficial beauty given long. With changing days of undiscovered attractions, Bulgaria during a Eastern Europe seems to be newly upgraded list of tourists to declare a stretched sandy beaches of Black Sea Coast with comfortable water, aloft operation of plateau and low routed forests full of assorted wildlife. Every deteriorate carries whole new and luring scenes for tourists via a year.

Adventurous trips of towering lovers can be over with a skiing, hiking and movement in Bulgaria’s towering range. Nature’s lovers come here to find eye-catching landscapes with opposite healthy wonders. Bulgaria has a lot for story and sacrament seekers too. With all beauty and diversity, here are some hand-picked attractions in Bulgaria for tourists around a world.

Major Attractions of Bulgaria

Rila Monastery

Famous for a colourful frescoes, Rila nunnery comes during a tip of tourists’ list. It is a place where Bulgarian enlightenment and story can be seen recorded so well. The place binds a healthy scenic beauty while surrounded with Rila Mountains. The nunnery has a abounding interior with complicated work of art on a walls.

rila nunnery bulgaria

Religious artefacts and paintings are value adequate to spend good time here. The place was founded by Ivan Rilski in 927AD. And a nunnery has got listed among UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Tourists also revisit a mountain’s rise of Rila after a tour.

Belogradchik Rocks

Located during a city Belogradchik, a pretentious stone formations are monumental beauties for everyone. Nature has forged a whole figure by sleet and breeze forces.

Belogradchik Rocks bulgaria

The place is value visiting to get desirous by a 200 million years ongoing sculptures done by nature. The garland of castles, fortification and opposite shapes of rocks generally of people, animals and fabulous characters make a place a live captivate of Bulgaria for tourists.

The Seven Rila Lakes

Located during a Northwest partial of Rila Planina during a north rise of Dimka, Seven Rila Lakes are a many outrageous and scenic captivate of Bulgaria. Looking from a top, a whole cirque appears as stairs of stairs by that a lakes one by one get descended like waterfalls and adjoin a next.

The Seven Rila Lakes bulgaria

According to distance and sequence each lake got a name. Downwards they are-The Teardrop, The Eye as a deepest one, The Kidney with high water’s edge, The Twin with a biggest area , The Trefoil, The Fish, and The Lower Lake that falls into German river as a source of it. It is a largest visited place in Bulgaria.


Nesebar shows a ideal change of aged and new unfolding of a country. It is situated during a southern seashore of Black Sea. Nesebar is famous among tourists for a lush resorts and hotels nearby a sandy and balmy beaches of Black Sea.

Nessebar bulgaria

The place binds a abounding chronological stress due to a Gothic churches and nunnery around a city that done it a partial of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bulgaria allows encountering with a delayed well-bred face of a nation and quick modernisation taking a step forward during a same place. It has a ideal multiple of inlet and synthetic beauty holding benefaction and past together to attract a whole universe towards.