Best Places To Visit In Tokyo

Tokyo, a collateral of Japan is a vital core for trade, finance, politics and culture. The city has a story of over 6 hundred years and was before called Edo. It has a world’s largest civil economy and over fifty-one of a happening 500 companies are formed in Tokyo. The city is a ideal mix of tradition, enlightenment and complicated technologies.

Tokyo skyline is speckled with some of a many complicated high arise buildings on a planet. Tokyo is also famous as a many tech-savvy and technology-friendly city on a planet. Here is my gathering of places to revisit in Tokyo that competence be useful while formulation your subsequent visit.

Top Places To Visit In Tokyo


Roppongi is one of a many sparkling celebration areas and immensely renouned among foreigners in Tokyo. It is a stadium for a ubiquitous village in Tokyo and has some of a hottest bars, pubs, clubs, frame clubs, stewardess clubs and restaurants in a city.


Roppongi has a largest Don Quijote (Walmart-like store) in Tokyo and make certain we check out a building dedicated to Japanese Cosplay costumes.

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji church is one of a biggest and oldest Buddhist temples in Tokyo. The initial church during a site was built in 645 AD and dedicated to a Kannon goddess. The church was totally broken during a World War II Bombings and a benefaction structure was built in 1958. Roads heading to a church are lined with restaurants and commemoration shops.

Sensoji Temple

The shops sell singular equipment that can't be found anywhere else, so it’s value exploring them. Sensoji church binds a biggest summer festival of Tokyo durability 3 days. Adjacent to a church is Asakusa, one of a many famous Tokyo Shinto shrines.

Imperial Palace

Since 1868, a Imperial Palace has been a central home of a Emperor of Japan. The house is surrounded by pleasing gardens and is a pitch of Japanese tradition and culture. These stately majestic gardens are open to ubiquitous public.

Imperial Palace

Non Japanese-speaking tourists can opt for an audio-guided debate of a palace. The tours are charity on weekdays, though I’d suggest Tuesday to Thursday as a Imperial East Garden is tighten to visitors on Friday and Monday.

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Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is a largest fish marketplace on a world and offers tourists a singular event to association with a locals, watch tuna auctions and suffer sushi. I’d suggest opting for a Tsukiji Fish Market Guided Tour if we are a fist time visitor.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Also note that many of a movement during a fish marketplace happens between 5 am and 9 am and it is improved to check on a marketplace website if opening to ubiquitous open is available on a day of visit. Entry is singular to 120 tourists and is finished on initial come initial offer basement in dual batches of 60.


No revisit to Japan is finish but examination a sumo hitch during a famous Ryogoku Kokugikan, National Sumo Hall. The fights are of really high power and durability usually a few seconds with opponents perplexing to lock, ripple, turn and dump any other.

Sumo is also about posturing with salt tossing, stomping and stretching. I’d suggest being benefaction inside a locus during a starting of a new round. At a start of a new turn a rikishi march in their rite dress and during times a former sumo champion showcases his moves. Friday and Saturday are packaged and it is suggested to book in advance.

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum was started in 1872 and is a largest and oldest museum in a country. The museum has a collection of over 110,000 artifacts and objects including many precious works of Japanese and Asian art dating behind to a silk track era.

tokyo inhabitant museum

The museum also has one of a largest Greco Buddhist art collections.

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine is one of a many famous Shinto shrines and is dedicated to a late 19th century Emperor Meiji and his wife. The Torii embankment during a opening is twelve meters high and done of 1500 years aged cypress wood. It’s a normal praying internal tradition to dump a few yen in a charity box, bowing your conduct twice, afterwards clapping twice and afterwards bowing down nonetheless again.

I’d suggest visiting on a Sunday morning and if we are propitious we might get to watch a normal marriage procession. The brides are dressed in normal white kimonos and a grooms wear grave black robes.

The wedding celebration is lead by Shinto priests and examination them is a good knowledge of Japanese enlightenment and tradition. Admission to a tabernacle is giveaway and open from morning compartment sunset.